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From Planning to Permits: Monroe Law is Your Expert Guide through Philadelphia’s Bureaucratic Jungle

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Matt leverages his experience and extensive relationships at all levels of government to help solve business problems. From zoning and land use to local tax controversies, Monroe Law navigates the bureaucratic jungle efficiently and effectively.


Law is more art than science. Monroe Law uses creative and strategic thinking. Matt
operates transparently. You never have to guess what the strategy is or what risks you face. Monroe Law makes it clear. We tell you what we are doing and why. We listen to your needs and take them into account.

Doing More For Less

You Pay for Expertise … Not the Vacation House of Some Lawyer You Never Met

The traditional law firm model is broken. On average, for every $3 spent on a law firm, $1 pads “profits-per- partner.” Senior attorneys pass off files to inexperienced associates to manage, and that means no added value for you.

At Monroe Law, there is no partner pension fund. Your matter will never be farmed out to an inexperienced lawyer because there are no inexperienced lawyers at Monroe Law. You get expert legal counsel from Matt, a fellow entrepreneur, small business owner and deeply committed resident of Philadelphia. You also get Matt’s cell phone number.

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Their son got lead poisoning and the city treated them like slumlords

“It totally didn’t need to get escalated to this point, says Germantown family” The stately, stone twin house on a hill in Germantown was 125 years old, and Emmalee and Jason MacDonald basked in visions of starting, and raising, a family there. A wall of windows lets the sun into a spacious, open kitchen, which…

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What should Philly expect in a new Zoning Board chair?

During the 2015 mayoral race Jim Kenney expressed a desire to professionalize the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) and ensure that it operated in a fair and “speedier” fashion. In almost the same breath, the would-be mayor noted political considerations would also play a role. When he appointed Jim Moylan, head of the Pennsport Civic…

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Courting driver fury, group sues PPA to end median parking on Broad

In South Philadelphia, the median of the Broad Street thoroughfare is usually full of parked cars. It’s a long-standing tradition in these densely packed rowhouse neighborhoods, one that provokes astonishment and bemusement in visitors. But critics of the practice say it is dangerous. Crashes occur when pedestrians dart out from the column of parked vehicles…

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